Car Park System

  1. Watch driver photo and car plate number
  2. Connect with webcam and CCTV
  3. Watch playback movie record
  4. Print out report


Car park Software

Carpark control and management system with computer by using technologies and advanced devices such as smart card / radio wave card that can record data of card holder completely including magnetic field system control devices detecting controlled car. This software guide security guard work with pattern software only and protect car automatic access in carpark area.  It has CCTV system that can record enter and exit of every car to detect when unpredicted event is happened and it is stored databased system that can be extend storage in the future. Car Parking System control device operation with advanced software that is continuous developed from our team so Car Parking System is complete software for every purpose.


HIP Car Park Solution features

  1. Access Licenses 2 levels: User and Admin
  2. 3 types of members: free, hour payment and monthly payment
  3. Quickly information checking because this software uses real time transferring.
  4. Can set car entrance and exit easily.
  5. Can set car park expense and special discount.
  6. Can check each carpark staff working.
  7. Have photo record when car enter and exit every time by using IP camera and watch real time photo via computer monitor.
  8. Order to open and close carpark barrier automatically
  9. Can stamp carpark card for free parking by specifying number of hours for free parking.
  10. Can determine card type
  11. Have penalty system for card losing and specify penalty expense
  12. Can correct back receipt
  13. Have black list system: record car plate number that driver operate out of law and have warning system when Black List access in carpark area.
  14. Can search and check car plate quickly, correctly and precisely.
  15. Record photo 4/6 automatically when car enter and exit the door every time by using IP camera
  16. Small size of photo file, not over than 300 kb per photo file
  17. Watch real time photo via computer monitor.
  18. Can determine entrance and exit easily.
  19. Can set carpark expense and special discount
  20. Can check information quickly because it operate real time transferring
  21. Have penalty system when card is lost and determine penalty expense
  22. Display monitor for car park expense when customer is driving out at exit.
  23. Warning system when monthly member is nearly expired.
  24. Staff change shift work will display time attendance of previous employee and display time attendance of next employee.
  25. Can summarize report shift work of employee as slip (size 80 mm.)
  26. Check working of each carpark employee quickly
  27. Display total number of car at carpark and number of cark is parking.
  28. Software development by using MS-Visual (C#) is advanced language
  29. Database system use MS-SQL Server 2005 Express Edition that has stable data transferring system
  30. Have clear log and data backup systems
  31. Search code of carpark card quickly, correctly and precisely
  32. Checking system for number of car in carpark quickly, correctly and precisely
  33. Have easy setting system such as setting for connecting camera, board, service fees, system, database and others.
  34. Have function, press F1, F2, F3, F4 and F5 button to select type of discount easily
  35. Have report systems. For example

  • Carpark income report
  • Total Car Enter and exit report with car plate display
  • Quantity of car in-out report
  • Total number car in-out that use service conclusion report
  • Car parking period conclusion report
  • Staff working report
  • Income summary report (daily, monthly and yearly)
  • Car park card penalty expense report
  • Number of remained car in car park system report
  • Near expiry date for member card report


Automatic Ballot box

Automatic ballot box for car visitor can issue RFID card and link with Carpark solution software.  It is RFID reader, does not need staff provide card to visitor. It can be developed to connect with many projects also come with SDK.

It can connect with external loop.  This device will issue card when car stop at installed loop areas, has notification when cards are nearly empty, empty storage, device has problem.

Features of ballot box

  • Displayed screen with message Press Card, Welcome, Full
  • Thai and English voice answering, can modify wording
  • Automatic ballot box has IP44 value so it can operate at outdoor site
  • This ballot box can operate with Carpark Solution software
  • It supports member card and visitor card.
  • It can store maximum 200 cards


The working steps

Entrance for visitor                                                          Entrance for member

Press button for receiving hour card                       Tap member card at entrance card reader

at entrance ballot box

  1. Press the button
  2. Receive the card


Exit for visitor                                                                    Exit for member

Return hour card to staff and                                     Tap member card at CMXF-100 member card reader

pay car parking fee                                                          or bluetooth