Suitable for Car, House, Kitchen, Office

Stop fire for type A B C K

Liquid nitrogen, do not leave stain, not harm life

3 years lifetime, stop fire for type A B C and K

Easy to use, convenience, stop fire faster than general fire extinguisher

Not harm to electronic board

Good stopping fire when compare with other fire extinguisher 2.5 – 3 time


Portable Water-Based Fire Extinguishers use to stop fire with high pressure nitrogen as jet engine. They have small size, easy to handheld for small fire areas before fire spreading.  They are suitable for car, bedroom, living room, kitchen, office, government working place, and classroom.  They are small portable extinguisher, suitable for everywhere installation, light weight, easy quick using for both boys and girls.


Free of poison, burn protection and cover material to protect fire burning


Office building, car, train, airplane, ship, cinema, hotel, meeting room, sport room, library, office and government working place including classroom.


  1. Please read manual and follow instruction strictly.
  2. These products for general fire stopping
  3. Do not leave fire extinguisher into fire
  4. Please teach family people about fire spreading and method of using these products
  5. Use fire extinguishers spray with clothing to protect the fire and escape in emergency case.