Alarm CMPL 7001

        – 16 programmable wireless zones compatible with wireless detectors
        – at most 5 remote controllers to arm/disarm
        – Wireless learning code, easy operation
        – 6 alarm telephone numbers 2 for receiving centre and 4 for private telephones
        – Option to whether send alarm to receiving centre or not
        – Communication protocol ADMECO 4+1/CONTACT ID.
        – Dial to receiving centre, personal cell phone and fix telephone to alarm
        – Remote control through telephone
        – Bell output, buzzer indication
        – Bell callback function
        – Three passwords 1 user code +1 duress code +1 operation password
        – Restore user password and operation password to factory default by wire jumper
        – Restore system parameter to factory default via program setting
        – 250 events record
        – System Self-checking
        – Bypass direction
        – Anti-tamper function of control panel
        – Malfunction alarms for AC power loss, battery low-voltage and telephone line loss