Alarm CMPL 6000 16F

– LHD6000-16F : 24 Fully programmable zones , 8 wireless and 16 wired.
        – MCU control, keypad programming, nixie display indicator
        – Flexible programming operation users can program for alarm telephone, user password, alarm time delay and ring attempts etc.
        – Flexible configures fitting of different detectors avilable, such as fireproof/burglarproof probe and glass breakage inductor etc.
        – Anti-tamper for master control and keypad can extend 2 wire programmed zones
        – Use 5 wireless remote control at most
        – Arm/disarm in remote place by dialing the number of master control
        – Master control automatically dials alarm center, user’s mobile telephone or unmoved telephone with voice announcement
          of system status as soon as the system alarms.
        – Record the latest 40 alarm messages and query at any moment
        – Compatible with ADEMCO cantract not only networking alarm. but also stand-alone alarm.
        – 3 group automatic timing for arming/disarming
        – Fault alarm for low battery voltage, AC power loss and telephone line loss
        – Built – in real – time clock
        – Record personal address message by users
Technical Parameters
        – mainframe enclosure
        – keypad size
        – rated operation current
        – static operation current
        – Back-up battery
        – Bell output
        – Operation temperature
        – Effective distance of remote control
        – 274x264x86 mm.
        – 155x95x28 mm.
        – 220V AC
        – 120mA
        – 12V, 7AH sealed lead acid accumulator
        – 10.5-13.5 VDC/0.5A
        – 100m with no obstacle